Saturday, December 13, 2008

An International Blemish on South Africa; A Christmas Wish

South Africa has just cut itself in the international limelight; a paper cut; small innocuous, somewhat accidental, but painful, and sure to linger. But I have Christmas wish. 

I have recently read the following two blog articles by a prominent international blogger, Scott Hanselman. Where he tells two separate instances he has had in his current visit to South Africa. One where he enters the country and is treated rudely by the passport lady and an incident when walking back from the shops is harassed by some young boys.

My Christmas wish is that we would mend and tend our wounds; What would Christmas 2008 be like, if both, the passport lady and the group of boys, were to, simple as this, apologies.

Yes the boys may have just been playing a prank, or indeed may have a deep seated, firmly held objections to mixed relationships. And yes the passport lady could have just had a bad day, or indeed could be responding out of being “… oppressed by Whites her whole life ….

But Who Cares! Whatever the motives or beliefs, simply, one real person to another real person, apologies.

That would be all I would like for Christmas. Please.

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