Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Police Clearance Certificates

And so the pain begins….
What could possibly go wrong getting a police clearance certificate.
This sad tale begins at the local police station, where rudeness is the order of the day, and the ability to copy the correct ID number from the correct ID book on the correct form eludes our office on numerous occasions, and he would not have noticed had Keri not spotted it.
But to his defense he was filling out the form rather quickly, I believe it only took him, to fill out both forms with name, id number and place of birth, about 45 mins, which in hindsight was surely a blinding pace.
After taking some finger prints, and having the ink smudged over our marriage certificate, we were left with our hand covered in ink and no suggestion of how to clean them. After asking we begrudgingly directed to a kitchen, which we were not allowed into, to get some soap, so that we could wash our hands with an outside tap ! Ahh nothing like quality service.
…Skipping over much rudeness when it comes to paying…
All in good time ( my British Clearance Certificate got back sooner ) one of the envelopes arrives, but alas only one, Keri’s. Mine however, managed to get lost in the mail.
So on the phone I get and ask if they can reprint one for me. Why yes of course we can, but it will take 7 days, call us back then.
…..Time passes, the earth cools……
Right one week gone… I phone and check if it is ready, and yes they say, however being a cynic I ask them to please find it for me, needless to say, the get back on the phone and say, well umm yes it is supposed to be here, but we can’t find it, phone tomorrow.
Right phone again, Yes they have it I can fetch it… so I get all cynical again, can they find it for me… oh umm oops it should be here, but we can’t find it.
Eventually I get someone on the phone who can help, and she say, yes no problem I will just reprint it for you, it should be done in a hour.. and an hour later I get a phone call all done.
Why oh why don’t you get those people the first time :-(