Thursday, December 18, 2008

Birth Certificates : Be Weary to follow up

Okay I have been having some pain when it comes to getting my Birth Certificates for my boys, which I am sure I will go into some detail with soon.. but here is something scary… umm I mean interesting to learn.

If like me, once your certificates fail to make it out of the mess ( I mean queue ) you end up in the customer support services section where they look at it once every 2 weeks it see if anything has happened.

But, and now for the scary part, every time you make a request for an update your “Urgent and Escalated Request” get pushed to the bottom of the pile…. They believe, in their wisdom, that if you have asked a question, and the person at the call center opens your efile, then something of value must have taken place, meaning that progress may have been made, so that request is now no longer that important and can be put at the back of the queue again.

This is great, so the more worried and urgent it is the more likely it is that you will never get what you need.

Don’t you just love the lack of logic, as if I the lowly John Q Public could ask anything that would change the urgency of the request, or even for that matter that the person at the call center could do anything… because I have it on good authority ( the big boss there ) the only thing they can do is submit a request electronically and wait the mandatory 2 weeks to see if they get any feedback.

…Sigh… crank crank crank….

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