Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A death to start a new life...

...So the talk has been going back and forward now for a year or so now, and the decision has finally been made to give the idea of moving to New Zealand ( from South Africa ) a serious go.

To try and make things interesting, and force me to reflect, I decided to try and blog the roller coaster ride that I am sure this will be, and then attempt to try and detail the lessons learnt in a web page, so that other can benefit from what I have learnt, for free.

Sadly the key driver was the death of, more accurately the senseless murder of, one of my wife's family friends Jennifer Ray Hall. On a positive note however there have already been arrests, so that does give some confidence, but little to remove the associated fear that feeds upon horrors like this.

If you join us ( my wife Keri, my boys Seth, & Gabriel, and myself Stephen ) along this journey, then I look forward to hearing from you, getting your advice, your stories, or even your reasons why we should not go.

.. and so it begins....

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